On Fincher

It’s day 2 here at perfect cursive, and I’m sick. Awesome. I’ll be brief.

I rewatched “Zodiac” last night and it remains one of my favorite movies of the 2000-2010 decade. All hail Harris Savides. I’ve never been that huge of a fan of Fincher, but he’s quickly becoming required viewing. “Se7en” was meh, “Benjamin Button” was unwatchable, I didn’t get “Fight Club” (was I supposed to?) and “The Game” was cool but in love with itself.

However “The Social Network” was my favorite movie of 2010. A lean year in my opinion, and I missed some of the highly regarded entries, but it’s likely TSN would have held at the top spot even if I had managed to be a more faithful viewer this year. For one, I am a Sorkin apologist. Two words: “Sports Night.” I don’t need to love the man to like his content. It’s not like he anally raped a teenager. He can just be a egocentric dick. So?

Which leads me to TSN’s woman problem. I didn’t have a problem with it. Seriously, not a problem. I went to grad school in Boston and the fuck trucks are a thing. Sure, Christy falls dangerously close to the “Asian bitches be crazy” (unfortunate) archetype. But women can be crazy, okay? (See above: Sorkin can = dick.) In my opinion, calling out every negative characterization of a woman as misogynistic kind of defeats the purpose. Asking characters to not behave a certain way to avoid stereotype is just as bad as conforming characters to said stereotype. It allows for no flexibility, no depth, no range. And looking for heroes in “The Social Network” is pretty much a fool’s errand. No one in that movie other than Saverin and Rashida Jones’ (tacked on) character behaved like rational human beings. That was the point.

The solution? A plethora of female characters who act like human beings – for good and evil. And totally fucking crazy.


One thought on “On Fincher

  1. Best Fincher movies = Social Network and Zodiac.

    Overrated = Fight Club

    Wow, I literally couldn’t agree with you any more!

    Also, being a Sorkin apologist is still much easier than being a Woody Allen apologist. (I’m both…)

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