60 in 10 – part 2

4 – favorite drama / HEAD-ON

I don’t really think in terms of genre, so I guess they intend me to answer with a “non-comedy.” Also, who are they? I used to read the Ren and Stimpy comic book when I was a kid, and they had an “Ask Stimpy” feature in the back. One of the Questions was “Who are they really?” The answer – wild, angry ducks. This is what I still think of when someone uses the anonymous “they.” In any event – Head-On. A million times better than the roll-on headache medicine. Fatih Akin is one of those rare must-see directors for me. I adore him, I aspire to be like him, I hate him. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s on Instant Netflix. Turn off the lights, turn up the Sisters of Mercy, and bang on.

5 – favorite action / DIE HARD
Guilty guilty pleasure made palatable by Alan Rickman. So much girl eye candy, so little time. Now Die Hard is an unofficial Christmas movie, and I’d rather watch it than It’s A Wondeful Life. Suck it, Zuzu!

6 – favorite horror / TENEBRAE
I love me some Dario Argento. I even quite like The Stendahl Syndrome, when I can get past the director casting his daughter as a character who gets raped several times. I think Argento’s just one of those directors you like or you don’t like. I think he stimulates the David Lynch cortex of my brain, somewhere near the amygdala.

4 – a song that makes you sad / LONG LONG LONG: THE BEATLES

Of course I’ve heard of the Beatles, you pinhead. This song also works for option 6, it pulls me so strongly back to a time and place and to the feelings of sadness that overwhelmed the overdramatic 19 year old me. It’s a beautiful song from a heady time in my life that hasn’t quite eclipsed the memory.

5 – song that reminds you of someone / (DON’T FEAR) THE REAPER: BLUE OYSTER CULT
Again, a lot of options for this, but I’ll go for something lighthearted. Many songs remind me of my friend Bob, courtesy of karaoke in Boston. But Don’t Fear the Reaper is king. A reminder also of Six Feet Under, which also reminds me of my grad school years. It’s kind of meta. (Or is it – I *never* use that correctly. But at least I know rain on your wedding day is not ironic.) It’s a great song and one I didn’t really listen to until that context. So you win, Bob. You win.

6 – song that reminds you of somewhere / LIKE NEW: DEERHUNTER
Another post in progress will explain this more fully. But I am eternally walking up Bathurst on my way to Manic Coffee contemplating happiness, at home in a foreign city, reveling in purpose.

I’m out of town Monday/Tuesday, so more on Wednesday, where I will share a song that I can dance to. SPOILER ALERT: None.


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