Procrastination Through The Ages


Snood – oh, puzzle level that looks like a running animal made of skulls. Why do you taunt me with all 99 of you when my screenplay is due on Monday? Also, why is there a keg of Miller Lite in our pantry? If I combine the two, that will make for an awesome writing weekend, right? RIGHT? (Answer – no.)

The Box – Yes, I *do* want to see that Ludacris video one more time. How did you know?


Sports Night – I would love to be alongside Dan Rydell.

Depression – Ha ha. Joking. Ha ha……ha. Sigh.


Starting Over – I am not that big into self-help, but this damn show came on at like 11:30PM, exactly when I would settle in to write after blowing my after dinner start time. It was like Lifetime’s version of Big Brother. Women with troubled pasts would come to Chicago and wear awful lipstick and try to “graduate” from their problems, like the tagline – “Life has never been this real.”

Nova – Nova almost doesn’t count because it’s educational. But when you watch one episode over and over and over again, then you have a problem.

Henry VIII miniseries and 6-part documentary series on his wives – Again, PBS shouldn’t count. But they played this miniseries and doc series on repeat one weekend before a deadline. It was like I couldn’t NOT watch it. But there’s only so many times you can watch Ray Winstone’s Henry rape Helena Bonham Carter’s Anne Boleyn before it’s time to get to work. (Answer – 3 times.)




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